A Start of New Chits 5 lakhs 20000*25months and 10 lakhs 25000*40months

About Us

About Us

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Shardhi Chit Funds Pvt Ltd

Shardhi Chits Pvt Ltd, is a Govt Approved company. The company established in the year 2007. The company has been in the industry over a period of 16 years. The company started in a small office with a two people, now 15 employees are working. One of the best and trusted company to invest. Shardhi Chit Pvt Ltd running office in its own premises. It’s providing a service more than 3,000 customers.

Our Journey

In 2007, with a modest investment of 50,000 rupees, Sharadhi Chit Company was born in the vibrant city of Bangalore. Founded by a visionary entrepreneur named Mr. K.S. Rudresh the company's primary goal was to provide chit fund services to individuals and businesses in need of financial assistance. They achieved an impressive turnover of 6 lakhs.
Sharadhi Chit Company began its operations in a humble 10x10 room located in Kurubarahalli with 100 clients, a bustling neighborhood in Bangalore. Despite its limited space, the team at Sharadhi Chit Company was driven by ambition and determination to make their mark in the competitive market. Their goal was simple yet ambitious – to help people from all walks of life fulfill their financial aspirations by providing reliable chit fund solutions. They focused on building trust with their clients, offering transparent and ethical practices, and providing personalized services to suit their clients' needs.
in 2011, they made a momentous decision to shift their office to J D Naidu Hall Road, 1st block. The bold steps taken by the company proved to be successful, as evidenced by their impressive financial performance. In 2011, their monthly turnover reached a remarkable milestone, hitting an impressive 1.5 crore rupees. This remarkable achievement was a testament to their dedication, innovation, and commitment to providing top-notch products or services to their clients.
2021 - 22
Shardhi Chit Fund decided to shift its operations to its own premises at Rajajinagar 1st Block, conveniently located near the Rajajinagar metro station. This strategic move not only provided a better infrastructure but also ensured the safety and convenience of its employees and clients amid the pandemic.
The 28 Days Chit Payment: In an effort to support its clients and acknowledge the financial strain many were facing due to the pandemic's impact on the economy, Shardhi Chit Fund introduced a unique initiative in the form of 28 days chit payment. This program allowed clients to participate in chit funds with a shorter payment interval of 28 days, enabling them to access funds more frequently.
The 28 days chit payment option gained popularity among clients and became a distinctive feature of Shardhi Chit Fund's service offerings. It not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also attracted new clients, leading to further growth and success for the company.
Around 3000 clients are receiving the service from shardhi chit fund.
2023 - 24
The year 2023 brought both challenges and successes for Shardhi Chit Fund. As the world slowly moved towards post-pandemic recovery, businesses were adjusting to the new normal. Shardhi Chit Fund, being a financial service provider, also faced its share of opportunities and obstacles.
The company's resilience and dedication to serving its clients paid off, as it recorded an impressive turnover of 2.5 crores during this financial year. The increase in turnover was a testament to the trust and confidence that clients had in Shardhi Chit Fund's reliable financial solutions.
Shardhi Chit Fund became a member of the Karnataka Chit Fund Association in 2023.