A Start of New Chits 5 lakhs 20000*25months and 10 lakhs 25000*40months


Managing Director

Mr. K.S. Rudresh

Shardhi chits fund Pvt Ltd, is headed by Mr. Rudresh K S. He has been Managing Director of Shardhi Chits since 2007. He is very ambitious and energetic person. Soon after he started a company called “Window Fab”, it is a manufacturing company of upvc windows and doors. This firm has more than 100 employees. And also he is one of the directors of BNRIP School

Mrs. Vasantha Rudresh Director

Mrs. Vasantha Rudresh is a valuable asset to the Shardhi chits fund Pvt Ltd, and is a key contributor to the company's success. She is also a one of the Director of Shardhi Chits Fund Ltd.,

Revanna M G

Since the company's inception until today, he has remained unwaveringly loyal, making him an invaluable backbone of the organization. With an unmatched understanding of chits and an exhaustive knowledge of the company's operations, he stands as a true expert in the field. From the outset, he has been at the helm, skillfully steering the company with remarkable efficiency, and not a single problem has managed to mar his exceptional management. His dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in the company's success, making him an indispensable asset that continues to be cherished and respected by all who work alongside him.