A Start of New Chits 5 lakhs 20000*25months and 10 lakhs 25000*40months


Chit Funds and Women Empowerment: A Financial Independence Tool


Chit funds, also known as rotating savings and credit associations, are a popular financial tool in various countries.

Making Your Dreams a Reality: How to Make the Most of Your Money


We all have dreams & aspirations, but sometimes they seem overwhelming. The key is to break them down into smaller, more manageable steps.

Chit funds: What are they and how can I invest in them?


A chit fund is a type of collective savings plan where a number of individuals commit to making regular

Chit funds: What Distinguishes Investing From Savings?


Savings is the process of setting money aside in bank accounts for a future need or expense. The money you've saved is very low-risk and highly liquid